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I finally got something really worth posting, a Newgrounds career for The Sims 2
just extract the package file using 7-zip and put it in the downloads folder
if you have no idea where the downloads folder for the sims 2 is go here

Funny School Map

2010-09-02 19:13:26 by pouar

This is a joke map of clhs that i created, it can't be in the art portal since it's not really art so i put it here

Funny School Map

download the pkmn mario game

2009-09-26 19:07:58 by pouar

if you want to download the pokemon emarald hacked rom (the one where you can play as mario) click here (not the movie of me playing the game, i mean the game itself)

you will need to download visual boy advance to play it, to download that click here

to get the pokemon game working right theres a video that shows you what to do, just do exactly what i do in this video to get it to work right, then open the rom (thats what they call console games stored on the pc)

if you're using firefox hold Ctrl and push = at the same to zoom in and get a better view

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i posted the download link here because why do the hack yourself when its already been done

update 2010/9/2:I now have my own website, you can get it from there

pkmn mario reviews reply

2009-07-21 12:51:51 by pouar

hey i read the reviews for my blammed submission and thought maybe it will be better on youtube

thanks for the suggestion